ProductCenter® PLM Product Tour

Welcome and thank you for your interest in ProductCenter. In an effort to provide our prospective customers with visibility into the functional areas of ProductCenter, we have assembled a number of videos highlighting our solution capabilities to address common business issues within any organization.

If you have any questions or would like a personalized interactive tour of ProductCenter please feel free to contact us directly.

ProductCenter PLM Overview

For over 15 years SofTech Group, Inc. has enabled companies of all sizes to effectively manage and leverage their company’s product data. Using ProductCenter PLM and its innovative Bill of Information approach companies can better manage, access and understand their complete product definitions.

In this overview demonstration we highlight how ProductCenter PLM enables product design companies to better compete in the ever changing market place.

This introductory overview video highlights the following topics:

  • Document Management and Secure Vaulting
  • Zero-overhead Web Browser access to ProductCenter PLM Information
  • 3D CAD Integration utilizing SolidWorks
  • Support for SolidWorks advanced functionality (Part & Assembly Configurations, Smart Components & Features)
  • Process Management and Control
  • Electronic Signatures and Audit Trails
  • Bill of Material (BOM) Management
  • Viewing and Markup
  • Powerful Reporting Capabilities
  • Customized User Dashboards
ProductCenter PLM Overview

ProductCenter Process Management

Information does not remain static in one place, but must be able to flow both inside and outside the organization in a manageable but controlled manner. In this brief video, we’ll demonstrate how ProductCenter PLM’s Process Management and Control capabilities enable organizations to get the RIGHT INFORMATION to the RIGHT PEOPLE at the RIGHT TIME.

ProductCenter Process Management

ProductCenter BOI

Creating and Managing the Product Bill of Information (BOI)

Modern computer and IT systems have made it easier for companies to create and store massive amounts of product related data. All too often, though, this has resulted in portions of the complete Product Definition being stored and managed in a multitude of isolated, disconnected systems.

In this brief video, we’ll demonstrate how ProductCenter PLM’s unique “Bill of Information” (BOI) approach enables organizations to utilizes data from a wide variety of sources to create and manage a comprehensive Product Definition structure.

ProductCenter BOI

Evaluate PLM

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