New Product Introduction (NPI)

Essig assists in managing a timely NPI production startup by leveraging years of expertise in production processes, including facility design and layout, sourcing, employee skill training and development as well as procedure documentation.

  • Casting Drawings

Casting drawings refers to an engineering part to be produced as a casting.  The casting drawing contains all the information required for the manufacturer involved, it provides stock allowance for machining, draft to facilitate removal of the pattern from the mold itself.

Essig understands all of the aspects unique to casting drawings, including but not limited to focal points, properties, and the importance of materials, size and weight and their relevance to manufacturing.

  • Machining Drawings

Machining Drawing is an engineering drawing of a part which describes the final shape of the part to be made.  It typically relates to the machining operations which might be required to fabricate the finished part. Essig is Skilled in creating professional drawings, effectively communicating the design intent and the specific requirements such as finish, material type, hardware, etc.

  • Assembly Drawings

An Assembly Drawing is the top level drawing that provides the final assembly drawing definition. Essig has expertise in working with complex product structures and their associated assembly drawings, bill of materials and other important information such as fabrication information.

  • Tool & Fixture Design

Essig designs and builds tools and fixtures required for Jet Propulsion Tooling. Our experienced team delivers part design and tool assembly layout, as well as detailed tooling design and validation from conception through to execution.

  • Manufacturing Engineering

Our team of manufacturing engineers focus on the optimal design and operation of production systems to support processes, quality and cost.

  • Program Management

Essig resources are able to manage the implementation of automated manufacturing processes, develop and implement fabrication processes, and identify cost effective material handling and layout alternatives. In addition, our experienced team manages jet engine programs from beginning to end.

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