Customer Success

For more information on the savings our customers have experienced through the use of ProductCenter PLM, take a look at some of their success stories posted below.

Zodiac Pool Systems Dives in with ProductCenter PLM

ProductCenter PLM Streamlines Management of Engineering Data and Facilitates Collaboration Among Global Operations

Water Pik Improves Its Flow with ProductCenter PLM

Using ProductCenter to Manage Regulated Healthcare Product Information throughout the Global Supply Chain

Cryogenic Industries Gels with SofTech’s ProductCenter PLM

As the Global Business Solution, ProductCenter PLM Connects Cryogenic Industries Contributing to the Company’s Industry Leadership Position

ProductCenter® PLM at Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions

ProductCenter PLM Reduces Design Cycle Times and Cost by Streamlining Data Management and Business Processes

Fibertek Sets Its Sights with ProductCenter® PLM

SofTech’s ProductCenter PLM Integrates Development and Manufacturing Operations, Automates Business Processes

Hayward Tyler Motors Along With SofTech’s ProductCenter® PLM

ProductCenter PLM Improves Business Processes and Facilitates Regulatory Compliance

Continuous Product and Process Improvement at Monarch Hydraulics with ProductCenter PLM

From Automation of Business Processes and Product Information Management to ERP Integration and the Extended Enterprise, ProductCenter PLM Delivers Success

SofTech’s ProductCenter PLM Expedites the Worldwide Supply of Amway Products

ProductCenter PLM Improves Control of More Complex Engineering Data and Streamlines Product Processes

ELCAN Optical Has Clear Vision for PLM

SofTech’s CAD integrations become a significant part ELCAN’s PLM solution strategy

Beta LaserMike Measures Needs, Goes with ProductCenter PLM

SofTech’s ProductCenter PLM System Builds Global Collaboration to Accelerate Time-to-Market

CMC Electronics Saves Millions with ProductCenter PLM

SofTech’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solution Gives Control Over Explosion of CAD Files, Saves Valuable Time

Eaton Hydraulic Goes Paperless

Addressed a broad range of PLM issues with particular focus on out-of-the-box functionality

ProductCenter PLM Fuels Success at Goodrich Corporation

An Ideal Marriage of 3D CAD and PLM Enhances Goodrich’s Turbine Fuel Technologies Product Development Efficiency

ProductCenter PLM Streamlines TurboCare’s Engineered-to-Order Product Development

Exploits ProductCenter PLM Flexibility to Create Competitive Differentiation

ProductCenter PLM Facilitates Global Operations at Saint-Gobain Crystals Division

Saint-Gobain Customers Say Controls Implemented with ProductCenter PLM More Impressive Than ISO Certified Plants

Harman/Becker Automotive Systems Automates Full Product Definition Lifecycle with ProductCenter PLM

From Engineering Tool to Enterprise PLM Deployment with Savings of Millions Annually

ProductCenter PLM Workflow at Heart of Business Process Improvements at Goodrich

ProductCenter PLM Workflow Expected to Significantly Decrease Order Processing Time

Product Development Lifecycle Reduced 60 Percent with ProductCenter PLM

SofTech’s ProductCenter PLM Chosen in Competitive Evaluation, Displacing Data Management System Plagued by Slow Performance and Data Inaccuracy Problems

LSI Logic’s Large Scale, Integrated PLM Success

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Workflow solutions keep things on track for leading global specialty semiconductor designers

Medrad Speeds Time to Market and Meets Regulatory Needs with ProductCenter PLM

ProductCenter PLM proves better versioning control

Smooth Flying at NASA Glenn Research Center with ProductCenter PLM

ProductCenter PLM Automates Manual Flight Work Order System to Enhance Safety Controls

ProductCenter PLM Pure Success at Millipore

PLM Solution Facilitates Global Design and Manufacturing for Leading Industrial Purification Filter Manufacturer

ProductCenter PLM Rises to the Task for Canadian Forestry Equipment Maker

Risley Resolves Two year long Data Management Problem by Switching to ProductCenter PLM

ProductCenter PLM Helps Kollsman Gain Time-to-Market Advantage

Faster Review and Approval and Improved Design Accessibility and Reuse with ProductCenter PLM Enhances Kollsman’s Competitiveness

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